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Handcrafted, scratch built and ready-made scale of HMS Endeavour Open Hull Model Ship

From as early as the 16th century, rumours were going around that the great southern continent was more than a traveller’s legend. Many European nations were keen to be the first to reach and colonise these lands.

In the 18th century, Lt James Cook made history by discovering the unknown islands on the Australian subcontinent. HMS Endeavour, built at Whitby, North Yorkshire was his carrier for the epic voyage.

Lt James Cook gave instructions for the bark to be refitted and in 1786, set sail for the famous journey now known as the ‘first voyage of discovery’. In 1769 Cook landed one of the ship’s boats at what is now called Botany Bay in New South Wales and earned the distinction of being the first European to make landfall on the east coast of Australia.   

On March 7, 1775, HMS Endeavour was refitted and sold to the Navy and sailed for 15 more years. She was purchased by French interest in 1790, and renamed La Liberte. In 1793, she ran aground off Rhode Island and was later broken up. A replica of the ship was later commissioned at Fremantle as recently as 1994. 

Our flawless replica comes as an open hull scale model of this historic vessel. Using the finest quality materials and craftsmanship our highly skilled artisans have produced a truly beautiful centre piece.  With an impeccable level of detail, this model of a ship incorporates inclusive features of the HMS Endeavour.

The HMS Endeavour Open Hull model ship is one of our many we have available here at Premier Ship Models, along with our extensive range of over 400 ready-made ship models, boats and yachts to choose from. 

With our customers at the forefront of our business we are committed to delivering the highest quality and competitive pricing in the industry. We offer our customer the option of customising their model ship to their specific requirements to make them completely unique. Please browse our website or contact us to help you find the perfect model ship for your collection.

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