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Handcrafted, scratch built and ready made HMS Bellona Model Ship

Named after the goddess of war in Roman Mythology, HMS Bellona was designed by Sir Thomas Slade. The second of the eight Royal Navy ships with this name, HMS Bellona (1760) played an important role in UK’s naval fleet during the Seven Years War and the battles against Napoleon. The ship’s design became so popular that it was used to develop several more ships with some modifying features. Model ships of this historic vessel are available in various sizes and even assemble at home kits.

Service Life of HMS Bellona

The wooden ship was in service for over 50 years from 1760 to 1814. HMS Bellona was launched in February 1760 and commissioned a few days later. The ship’s first assignment was as part of the squadron assigned the task to block Brest during the Seven Years War (1756-1763). The ship had an armament capacity of 74 guns and was part of the third class of the British Navy.

The next assignment of HMS Bellona two was to patrol the Tagus River in Spain. During this mission, the UK ship sighted a French ship Courageux along with two frigates. While the British frigate Brilliant took on the French frigates, HMS Bellona followed the Courageux. The resultant battle led to the capture of the Courageux and its incorporation in the Royal Navy after some repairs.

HMS Bellona was one of the first British ships to get a protective copper layer in 1780. During its participation in the American Revolutionary war, the HMS Bellona captured the 44 gun Dutch ship with the name of Princess Caroline. This 74 gun ship remained in the North Sea and West Indies till 1783 and participated in the reliefs of Gibraltar during this period.

This was followed by HMS Bellona’s participation in the Battle of Copenhagen while serving Nelson. The ship served in the North Sea and the Bay of Biscay until 1814 when she was rested for the last time before being broken up.

The historic warship of the Royal Navy is remembered for its long service life and contribution in various wars. HMS Bellona model ships are available in various sizes.

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