HMS Beagle Model Boat Kit – Mini Mamoli (MV020)

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MV020 - MIN

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HMS Beagle was built in 1817, and was initially used as a coasting vessel. After this, it was equipped to be used for scientific observations. It sailed through the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and one of the most famous scientists of all-time was onboard; Charles Darwin.

Darwin collected a great deal of data, and made many observations thanks to his expeditions aboard HMS Beagle. After two decades of endless work, Charles Darwin published ‘The Origin of the Species’ in November 1859. Because of his statements, he was accused of heresy, and his theory of evolution was refuted and disbelieved for a long time.

However, since then, his ideas and theories have received recognition and acknowledgement from people all over the world, and he is now regarded as one of the brightest minds ever.

HMS Beagle expertly reflects Darwin’s tenacity, and this model is a fantastic reproduction of this character. It features plank-on-frame hull construction, and measures in at a scale of 1:64.

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