HM Yacht Chatham Wooden Model Kit – Caldercraft (9011)

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This Vessel Type is Classic sailing boat


HM Yacht Chatham Model Ship Kit


Caldercraft have been extremely successful in producing a rather unique collection of model kits that reflect the innovation and intelligence of shipbuilders during the 1700’s in Britain. There are many examples of this on our website, which you can view here. The 1700’s in Britain were definitely a period of conflict and one that saw the rise of the British Empire and the ever-increasing power of the Royal Navy. Despite this, some ships were not built for war and were instead built for pleasure, such as the Chatham.

In 1741, the Chatham Yacht was first launched. After serving as a pleasure yacht, which sailed between Britain, Denmark and Sweden, she was broken up. However, she was rebuilt in 1794 and then not broken up again until 1867, meaning she had a very long life for a boat of this period. Nowadays, pleasure yachts are a common phenomenon and have progressed to having absolute luxury on board. In the 1700’s pleasure boating was a relatively new concept and was first brought to Britain in 1660, when Charles II was given the Yacht Mary on his return to England.

As the 1700’s and early 1800’s progressed, Britain had less of a demand for pleasure boating. Conflicts between the British and French increased and the British Empire’s trade network was growing bigger each day. Therefore, yachts like the Chatham were quickly made available for merchant duties. Their speed and size made them suitable for roles like this.

Details of the kit

This model boat kit is finished in scale 1:64 and uses double plank on bulkhead construction. All fixtures and fittings are included, such as the natural and hemp rigging, window frames and brass detail. Full instructions are included in clear English. If you have any problems during the build, please feel free to contact us and we will provide any assistance we can. To view alternative model kits produced by this manufacturer, please click here. 

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