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This Vessel Type is Schooner


HM Schooner Pickle Model Boat Kit


When people talk about the famous Battle of Trafalgar, the first ship that comes to their mind is the HMS Victory and her renowned commander, Lord Nelson. It’s sometimes easy to forget that there were many other ships that took part in this battle and contributed to the British victory.

The HM Schooner Pickle was one such ship. She did not take part in direct combat, her small size and weak armory leaving her incapable of defending herself. In fact, one blow from the broadside cannons of a ship of the line would have sunk her immediately. The HM Schooner Pickle’s role in the Battle of Trafalgar eventually was to save the crew of the sinking French ship called Achille.

In total, the Pickle rescued between 100 and 200 men and 2 women. The extent of people they rescued from the opposing side was so great, that there were talks amongst the prisoners to try and seize control of the Pickle from the British. Luckily, no such event occurred, with the British crewmen keeping a close eye on the French refugees.

On her return to Great Britain, the Pickle had the fortune of being the first ship to bring news of British victory at the Battle of Trafalgar. She sailed in to Falmouth on 4 November 1805, where Captain Lapenotiere delivered the news in London to the Admirality, earning him a promotion to commander.

Details of the kit

This model ship kit is produced by Caldercraft, a company with great expertise in manufacturing fine scale model replicas of many different types of vessels. Their experience and advanced technology has created some of the finest model kits we offer here at Premier Ship Models.

The kit contains all pieces necessary to build an accurate replica of the HM Schooner Pickle. The kit uses plank on frame construction. All fixtures and fittings are included. The only thing you will need additionally to build this kit is some tools, if you are in need of some then please click here to view our offering. If you have any questions about this kit, please feel free to contact us. If you would like to view other model boat kits produced by Caldercraft, then please click here.

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