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This Vessel Type is Schooner


HM Schooner Ballahoo Model Boat Kit

British shipbuilders and designers during the 1700’s were under enormous pressure from the Admiralty to deliver ships capable of both defending and growing the British Empire. The 1700’s saw a great number of conflicts for the British Empire, and the monarchy of the time were attempting to assert British dominance, especially on the seas. Sometimes shipbuilders and designers were pushed to their limits, so the Admiralty sought alternative options to source the growing demand for war-ready vessels.

The Ballahoo Schooners are one such example, which harnessed the expertise and creativity of Bermudian shipbuilders. The boats held 4-guns and were made from native wood, which was extremely light and durable. This made the schooners both swift and manoeuvrable on open waters, with added firepower to help defend them. In fact, Bermudian shipbuilders had earned a name for themselves across the world for the design of their ships.  The other great thing about the type of materials used to build Bermudian vessels was that they were highly resistant to rot and marine borers, which gave them a much longer lifespan than the typical ships created in British dockyards.

The strengths present in Ballahoo Schooners led to the Admiralty ordering 18 in total, 12 in 1804 and then another 6 in 1805. Most of them were eventually sold, broken up, captured or wrecked.

Details of the model kit

This kit contains all fixtures and fittings necessary to produce an accurate model of a Schooner Ballahoo, including four 12-pounder brass cannons, black and natural hemp for rigging, walnut CNC cut parts and double plank on bulkhead construction. The kit is produced by Caldercraft, who have a good reputation amongst model makers for delivering high quality and accurate replicas of historical ships for you to build.

Included in the kit are instructions in easy-to-follow English. If you have any questions about this kit or any other kits on offer from Premier Ship Models, please feel free to contact us. We can offer worldwide delivery and the most competitive pricing. We are also happy to offer any assistance throughout the build of your model, in case you get stuck.

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