Half Model of Rustler 37

Reference Number:

PSM361 - PSM

This Vessel Type is Modern sailing yacht


This Half Model of the Rustler 37 style Sailing Yacht is created by our dedicated team of expert Model Makers based on the real sailing vessel. This model is a Half Model displaying only the Starboard side of the model and would make a perfect wall mounted decoration for a Nautical Themed room. The model is made mostly from high quality wood with details being made of good quality materials to reflect the real ship.

Rustler Yachts are a British yachtbuilding company based in Falmouth, Cornwall in the UK and have their origins in the 1960s with Kim Holman designing the original Rustler 31 for Russel Antsey of Poole who started Antsey Yachts and built a run of about 35 of the original design. These molds were later sold on and the Rustler 31 was produced by various companies. It wasn’t until the 1980s when Orion Marine’s founder Ralph Hogg began working on a new, longer design, the Rustler 36. The Rustler 36 remains a popular vessel amongst racers with 6 out of 18 sailors in the 2018 Golden Globe Race with the top 3 spots all being taken by a Rustler 36. The earlier Rustler 36 influences the design of the later Rustler 37.

In 1999 the company began moving in a new direction designing quintessential blue-water cruisers rather than their focus on racing craft. As the company took such a new direction their new designer Stephen Jones was pivotal in pushing this new direction of the company and designed their more modern crafts. In 2014 he designed a cruising version of the Rustler 36 with an encased long fin keel instead of the long keel originally featured; the Rustler 37 therefore offers increased hull volume. She is designed with a focus on speed, space and safety.

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