Glen Class Sailing Yacht

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PSM248 - PSM

Additional information

Dimensions L x H x W 38 × 112 × 167 cm

Personalise your name plate


Sails rolled up or down

This Vessel Type is Classic sailing boat


Glen Class Sailing Yacht


Glen Class is regarded as the perfect example of Ireland’s rich maritime history where real craftsmanship is still treasured over assembly-line production methods. A regular feature at premier events like Dublin Bay Sailing Club (DBSC) races, this luxury yacht is also spotted at globally popular sailing landscapes like Dublin Bay (Ireland) and Strangford Lough, (Northern Ireland).

The Glen Class Company has the reputation of making classic yachts. These sailing yacht was designed during the late 1940s. The work of popular boat designer Alfred Mylne, the Glen Class Sailing Yacht was built at Glen Boatyard in Bangor, Northern Ireland. Irish sailing yachts are popular for their durability and smart designing. Very relevant for overnight trips, leisure trips or entire holidays spent aboard a luxury boat, these yachts also make their presence felt at competitive racing events.

Using our combination of skills, ranging from comprehensive understanding of modern sailing vessels to maritime history, we have crafted the perfect model of Glen Class Sailing Yacht. This ultra-luxurious yacht model should be a part of any sailing boat collection. Handcrafted to perfection, this yacht model comes with rolled down sails. The light deck colour has been carefully chosen to match the hues of the original Glen Class yacht.

Details of the model ship:

  • Customization options include a customized name plate. However, you can always opt for the standard name plate. You can also get a name painted on the model.
  • The standard yacht model comes with a hand-painted hull. However, you can opt for an antique wax-finished hull that is often sought by those particular about the historic aura of a boat vessel
  • We have hand-crafted the replica with attention to the smallest details – this is the perfect Glen Class Sailing Yacht model
  • We are now shipping internationally but buyers from the UK and surrounding areas can expect quicker order processing
  • We handpick the materials used, from eco-friendly paints to premium synthetics and only high-quality hardwoods – this yacht model oozes a luxurious aura just like its original counterpart
  • We make only limited yacht models every year. These handmade models are the work of our team of boat model craftsmen. Using extensive nautical detailing experience, they create boutique models, most of which aren’t repeated

Handcrafted from premium materials and stunningly accurate, expect each model ship to be precision scaled version of the real vessel. The popularity of our craft is underlined by a growing volume of returning buyers and referred sales. From maritime history aficionados to interior decorators and commercial property managers, our ship models have widespread demand. From recreating tug boats, wartime vessels to sleeker yachts, we cover a wide range of model ships. Choose from our growing collection of historic, classical and modern sailing vessels.



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