Enterprise Model Yacht

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PSM233 - PSM

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Dimensions L x H x W 22 × 42 × 53 cm


Personalise your name plate


Sails rolled up or down


This Vessel Type is J class yacht


Enterprise Model Yacht


Enterprise was a yacht of the J Class built in 1930. It was a successful defender of the 1930 America’s Cup. It was constructed on the order ofHarold Vanderbilt as well as designed by Nat Herreshoff and Starling Burgess. On 18th September 1930, The U.S. based company Enterprise beat Shamrock V – the first British yacht to be built according to then new J-Class rule, in 15th America’s Cup.

J-Class yacht is a solo-masted racing yachtmanufactured to the blueprint of Nathanael Herreshoff’s Universal Rule. The J-Class is considered as one of the top racers of the time when the Universal Rule was determined as eligibility for racing boats in the Americas Cup. This rule also came into effect in 1930 and it stated “the size of a yacht was determined by waterline length and this was shown as an alphabetical list.” “J” alphabetrepresented yachts with waterline length ranging from 75 to 87 feet.

This model of Enterprise was designed to be one of the fastest racing yachts of its time. This massive and long J-boat was once the pride of the country. Not only, this yacht won the race in the American cup, but it also won four races held in 1930 in a row. Enterprise was the largest and fastest sailing yacht to participate at the time.

Herreshoff Manufacturing Company was the builder of the popular Enterprise yacht.  The yacht was abandoned in 1935. Enterprise yacht was a symbol of pride in the niche of racing boats.

Details of the model ship:

  • Hand painted hull with a personalised option of antique wax hull
  • Rolled up and rolled down sails
  • Personalized nameplate option available for this model, if you don’t prefer a standard nameplate
  • Light coloured deck
  • The model available in both the large as well as small sizes
  • Exact replica of the Enterprise yacht, complete with the minutest details
  • Used for creating a unique decor in living room or gift it to someone who is a boat enthusiast or loves to collect ship models
  • Now shipping internationally

Our team works with you to help you understand the unique customization process, ensuring you get the Enterprise model yacht as an object of pride. Our team of designers is guided by an expertly procured blueprint of a specific model. This is combined with rare information and the insight of maritime/nautical experts, ensuring that the lesser acknowledged and the most popular features are comprehensively captured

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