Else Marie Rowing Boat

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PSM250 - PSM

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Dimensions L x H x W 18 × 41 × 20 cm

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This Vessel Type is Rowing boat


Else Marie Rowing Boat


Else Marie is one of the popular ocean rowing boats built in 2015 by SeaSabre. The one-of-a-kind boat combines the unique blend of traditional and contemporary style and is one of the most elegantboats ever made by SeaSabre. The boat incorporates a hybrid carbon fibre and a glass foam sandwich hull. The cabin of the rowing boat is made of mahogany and the cockpit is finished with plywood.

The ocean rowing boats by SeaSabre are built to match your individual requirements and choices.Even the hulls and cabins are also designed according to your desires. The ocean rowing boats are created with the help of renowned naval architect Phil Morrison.

Although the design features of the SeaSabre range depend entirely on the type of boat there are more reasons why a SeaSabre is the right choice for you.

At SeaSabre, all the boats are made of high-quality materials.The hulls including other equipment of the boat are completely checked at all stages of the construction. SeaSabre loves to accompany you on your first ocean rowing boat to make you feel confident as well as comfortable.

Almost all members of the SeaSabre team have spent most of the times of their lives on boat or around boat. We are much experienced in boat making and can tell you thoroughly why a boat is built in a specific way. SeaSabre loves sea as well as ocean rowing boats. They love to help people in making their dream come true of winning coastal races or rowing an ocean.

Look beyond the ordinary boat models. We offer you something unique – an exclusive, customized boat that is styled just the way you want it. There will be no repeats, nothing similar – a customized boat model that reflects your passion.

Details of the model ship:

  • Hand painted hull
  • Personalized nameplate option available for this model if you don’t prefer a standard nameplate
  • Deck painted in light colour
  • We offer the personalized option of naming the ship, quotes can also be engraved on the ship
  • Expect boutique ship models rendered by a team of seasoned artisans
  • Every imitation ship model is preceded by extensive research, including procuring hard-to-find drawings and diagrams that help us nail the design of the ship
  • From hotel lobbies to recreation areas in resorts, from educational institutions to interior designing projects, the demand for our handcrafted ship models is everywhere

We serve the collector’s demographics as well as serve corporates that increasingly seek ways to decorate their guest-serving areas with products that have an exclusive appeal.From modern ships, to luxury yachts and vessels powered by the latest maritime technologies, we cover the entire landscape of model ships and boats.


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