Dutch Statenjacht – Dusek (D023)

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D023 - DUS

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The Dutch Statenjacht  was also known as the The Staaten Geneaal. She was a 74-gun ship in the third class of the Dutch line. She served in the Dutch Republic navy and the Republic Batavian navy. In 1797, the Staaten General participated in the Battle of Camperdown. The ship was hit by HMS Venerable, and twice caught fire. After this, the Staaten Generaal was no longer in a favourable position to continue the battle.

In 1798, the ship was renamed Bato. She sailed to the Cape Colony in 1802, after which she sailed to Batavia. She was converted into a gun platform. She was docked in Simon’s Bay to survey enemy ships approaching the naval base. When the Batavians were defeated at the Battle of Blaauwberg, the Bato was burnt to prevent her being captured.

This wooden boat model was built by hand from scratch. The remarkable level of craftsmanship and the traditional technique of plank-on-frame construction makes this model come to life. To ensure a high level of quality and detail, each stage of the construction process is carefully monitored and takes several weeks. The hull and deck are built exclusively from selected hardwoods. The model boat has been sanded and varnished in several layers to create a smooth finish. Details are replicated with hand-stitched leather and fabric upholstery, and polished brass and metal finishes. The team of master craftsmen use the skills and expertise developed over many years, to ensure that this model is identical to the original. The model is mounted on a solid wooden base and includes a brass plate.

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