Danmark Ship Model – GN

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TS0018P-70 - GN

This Vessel Type is Schooner


The Bateau Danmark, a school boat

Denmark took over from Copenhagen . The latter was a five – barque masts . He at mysteriously disappeared at sea in 1928 . The boat from Denmark at summer built for a crew of 120 people but this crew has been reduced to 80 people because of a fairing . Problem Lolland Nakskov Shipyard , it was built to train the Danish merchant navy officers , so he had p our role to be a ship – school . In 1939 he has participated in the 1939 World’s Fair in New York . AT start of hostilities WWII it is rest in American waters to avoid a capture e eventual by the Germans. B ace in Jacksonville, Florida, it was maintained with the help of Danish American community in this city. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the captain, KL. Hansen, donated the ship to the US government as a training ship. Of trips training continues to be offered to people of all nationalities nality interested in learning the basics of seamanship on a tall ship.

The model ship of the Danemar

The boat Danmark has a length of 77 m, a width of 9.8 m and a depth of 5.2 m. The model of the boat Denmark, for its part, measures 70 cm of length for 13 cm of larguer and 70 cm height. The sailboat is equipped with a 486 horsepower diesel engine capable to reach 9 knots. All materials of the model of the sailboat used in construction of this container mockup have selected and prepared, from dried hardwoods to polished metal fittings and under sails hand sewn. All the models prefabricated are ready to be displayed and are supplied with a wooden base and brass nameplate. You can exhibit your model in showcase so that your model can be protected from the dust and the vagaries of time.

Le fabricant

The maker is a small family of craftsmen, made up of a team of master craftsmen who work diligently using the skills they have developed during many years. The details, precision and finish that the craftsmen of this family of craftsmen, inspires collectors all over the world. At Premier Ship Models, We are very proud of the quality of the partnerships we establish with our suppliers. Products are quality every time you choose to order in our catalog.

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