Contessa 32 Half Model

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PSM209 - PSM

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Dimensions L x H x W 28 × 65 × 35 cm

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This Vessel Type is Modern sailing yacht


Contessa 32 Half Model


The Contessa 32 is a famous sailing yacht that was crafted by David Sadler in 1970 along with yacht builder Jeremy Rogers. This mono-hull sailing yacht was designed to meet the ever increasing demand of its popular predecessor Contessa 26, which was launched by the Jeremy Rogers boatyard five years ago.

Contessa 32 won a lot of applause apart from grabbing the ‘Boat of the Show’ award in 1971, when it was put on exhibition at the London Boat Show. What naturally followed were a great demand and a high number of orders for the yacht. The demand was in fact so sharp that the waiting list ran to almost two years, forcing new production facilities to be set up.

The amazing capability of Contessa 32 to endure extreme weather conditions during offshore voyages has made it a great hit globally. The sailing yacht has also performed brilliantly in races. It was the maiden yacht in the small boat category to finish the nerve-testing 1979 Fastnet race that claimed 15 lives. Jeremy Rogers boatyard stopped Contessa 32’s production in 1982. Resumed in the year 1996, the mighty sailing yacht’s production has been a continuous affair since then.

Today’s Contessa 32 is a fibreglass mono-hull sailing yacht with 9.75 metre (32 ft.) size. From the year of its origin till date, Contessa’s hull has undergone drastic makeover. In the first year itself, Jeremy Rogers moulded the first two hulls. With over 750 hulls built since then, this one-design cruiser-racer yacht has broken all the success records. At present, its hull comes made from conventional glass fibre, meeting the strictest Lloyd’s standards. Contessa 32 features a masthead sloop rig, with a fin keel and a skeg-mounted rudder, representing a sharp transition between the different models over generations.

Details of the model yacht:

  • All fixtures and fittings secured with 100% precision
  • Accurate replica with attention to the smallest details
  • Professionally executed, premium quality half model of Contessa 32 sailing yacht – durable, finished to perfection
  • Hand-painted half hull, will look beautiful hanging on the wall
  • Choose from an extensive line of historic ocean liners and cruise ships still revered for their heritage and engineering innovations
  • Use of the most durable, high-quality woods including premium hardwoods and maple wood or teak

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