Colvic Victor 40 model yacht

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PSM035 - PSM

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Dimensions L x H x W 31 × 86 × 141 cm

Personalise your name plate


Sails rolled up or down


This Vessel Type is Modern sailing yacht


Colvic Victor 40 Model Yacht

Premier Ship Models have been in the models ship business for over 12 years now. We have a wide range of model ships and yachts ranging from classic to historic to modern.The Colvic Victor 40 model was one of first custom model ever made! Let us read through to know more about this yacht.

Overview of the Colvic Victor 40

The Colvic Victor 40 has been one of the famous yachts of its time.This yacht was built by Colvic Craft, located at Blackwater Estuary. Colvic Craft had been in the business of building vessels since 1964, but in 2001 it was dissolved. Several well known yachts were built by this company.

Among them was the famous “Colvic Victor 40 Ketch”, which was launched in the year 1983. Designed by Ian Anderson, the overall length of this yacht was 12m, with a 37 feet beam and 18 feet draft. This yacht features 9 berths in 3 double cabins. The hull was made up of fibre glass. The Colvic Victor 40 Ketch holds a displacement capacity of 16 metric tons. This vessel went through a refit during 2010-11 where the head and the wall linings were replaced and a new galley was constructed.

If you want to spend your money on the original Colvic Victor 40 you have to shell out around 45,000 pounds. Well, you can still have some of the joy of owning the model at a much subsidized rate with Premier Ship Models.
We employ skilled and experienced craftsmen who aim to provide you with the best quality Colvic Victor model. Using the highest quality materials, our craftsmen ensure that the appearance and the looks of the model resemble the original yacht.

Please feel free to Contact Premier Ship Models for any more information or help. 

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