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California Model Ship

SS California The Pacific Mail Steamship Company was founded in April 18, 1848. It was a joint stock company based in New York by eminent New York merchants William H. Aspinwall, Edwin Bartlett, G.G. Howland, S.S. Howland, Mr. Alsop and Henry Chauncey.

The SS California was built for this company as one of the first three steamboats in accordance with a specified government mail contract to provide for passenger, mail and freight services from Panama to and from Oregon and San Francisco. What makes the SS California stand out in history is that it holds the distinction of being one of the first steam ships to sail the Pacific Ocean and the first one to traverse form Central America to North America. SS California: Details of the Vessel The contract for building this ship went to William H. Webb, a well known builder of clipper ships in New York. The ship was built from high quality Oak and Cedar. The hull had been reinforced with diagonal iron straps to protect it from the pounding of the paddle wheels.

This hull was a modified version of clipper ship hulls which were very much in trend at the time. She was classified as a Brigantine sailing ship and had three masts and sails for her rigging.

The SS California measured 62 m in length and had a depth of 6.1 m. The beam stood at 10.2 m and the draught was 4.3 m she weighed an overall 1057 gross tons and could accommodate 210 passengers. This vessel had a round stern with three decks and two masts. She was launched in April 1848 at a cost of $ 200,082. This steamship derived its power from a large one-cylinder side-lever engine by Novelty Iron Works of New York City and had two side paddle wheels of diameter 7.9 m.

The ship had an average speed of eight knots with a possible 14 knots in favourable weather conditions. Premier Ship Models is a UK based company that has been producing model ships of the most excellent quality for over 10 years now. Along with our custom range model of the SS California steamship we have on offer a large assortment of other ships like historic ships, cargo ships, yachts and classic model boats. This model was made for our one of our repeat clients based in the Far East. All our models are handcrafted from scratch and represent the highest degree of skill and workmanship. We use the best material available to give a lifelike feel of our models.

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