Bulk Carrier Customisable Model Ship

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PSM177 - PSM

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Dimensions L x H x W 18 × 103 × 28 cm


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This Vessel Type is Bulk Carrier


Handcrafted, scratch built and readymade scale ship model of Bulk Carrier

To have your own perfect miniature of this or any other bulk carrier in the world, Premier Ship Models is the right place to search for. You can have a handcrafted replica of your favourite ship, built from scratch according to original plans and drawings or just from pictures. Our own master artisans will produce a unique replica of your choice with exact specifications that you will require, from high quality materials and with a focused attention to every small detail.

This and other custom made models offered by Premier Ship Models contain all the design features as they appear on the original vessels. The unique handmade model replica, great customer service, ability to choose any specifications of the model and of course the superior craftsmanship prove that model making at Premier Ship Models is second to none.

This particular ship model is a bulk carrier carrying the name of Abdullahi Habib. Bulk carriers are generally characterised as merchant ships designed to transport bulked cargo for instance coal, ore or grains, and are also familiarly known as bulk freighters or simply bulkers. The bulkers evolved rapidly since the first bulk carrier was built in 1852, accounting for around 40% in today’s world’s merchant fleet. The ability of modern bulkers is to carry up to 400,000 metric tonnes of deadweight.

The first ship characterised as a bulker was a British coal carrier SS John Bowesin which was launched in 1852. Different bulker design are produced for instance the ones reliable of port facilities to unload their cargo, ones that can unload the cargo by themselves or the most advanced bulk carriers are able to package the cargo as it is loaded. Greek, Japanese and Chinese bulkers account for half of the all bulk carriers in the world while one quarter of all bulkers in the world is registered in Panama.

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D – 4100

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