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PSM193 - PSM

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Dimensions L x H x W 87 × 420 × 127 cm

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This Vessel Type is Bulk Carrier


Bulk Carrier (2) Model Ship


The Bulk Carrier (2) is a ruggedly-built carrier ship from Lauritzen Bulkers, who received the “Bulk ship operator of the year” award at the International Bulk Journal’s IBJ awards ceremony in 2011. Lauritzen Kosan, the important stakeholder in Lauritzen Bulkers, has also received Lloyd’s List’s top award for engineering and environmental innovation in 2008. This was when Isabella Kosan, another impressive creation from the same company, was awarded Ship of the Year. Just like her sister ships, the bulk carrier (2) ship is also full of useful technical and environmental innovations. These primarily include the ability to capture and utilise gas vapours rather than releasing them in the atmosphere, thus preventing air pollution.

Bulk carriers like the Bulk Carrier (2) Ship are increasingly grabbing attention as a collector’s item. Also referred to as bulk freighters or bulkers, these merchant ships have interesting designs because they are designed to transport massive volumes of cargo. Modern bulkers have grown considerably bigger and come with lots of sophistication. Like most Lauritzen bulkers, the Bulk Carrier (2) uses a red shade – something that was done by the Lauritzen to increase the visibility of their ships. Lauritzen started painting the hull of its ships red from 1955 onwards to make them more visible in icy waters. Today J. Lauritzen A/S is symbolized by this red hull and it operates more than 150 vessels including short-term charters globally, from its headquarter in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Details of the model ship:

  • · We build Model boats and ships, from those with historic significance to those whose performance is now legendary in the nautical world
  • · Our scale models are built from premium woods and modern materials like fibre glass
  • · Emphasis remains on durable models that need negligible maintenance
  • · Decoration details, complete with brass and metal chromes and fine fabrics are preferred over standard plastics
  • · Hand-painted hull
  • · Customizable with the name of the ship
  • · Option to get your personalised name plate

From modern ships, to luxury yachts and vessels powered by the latest maritime technologies, we cover the entire landscape of model ships and boats. Our team of designers use their maritime knowledge, combined with research to create the best in bulker models. Our models take you beyond the typical role of a bulk carrier – finely etched details ensure that you get models that provide visuals of the machinery and equipment. We are constantly upgrading our collection, adding more of what our customers demand. This includes accessories like handcrafted Display Cases apart from warfare ships, cruise ships and speed boats

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