British East Indiaman Falmouth Open Hull

Reference Number:

PSM366 - PSM

This Vessel Type is Offshore support vessel


The British East Indiaman ‘Falmouth’ Open Hull Model Ship is constructed by our Workshop in Mauritius by our expert model makers. The model is predominantly made of wood with details made of good quality materials. The model features a cutaway section of the hull to display the interior of the ship on its port side. This model East Indiaman is intended to be a static model for display purposes.

The Falmouth is an East Indiaman style vessel which was purpose built by John Perry in the Blackwall Yard under the Great British flag. She was originally launched in August of 1752 and received her first commission on the 20th of November of the same year under Captain Thomas Field with a crew compliment of 99 souls for a voyage through Madras and Bengal. Originally fitted with 26 guns she was refitted in 1756 with a full 30 guns as she received a Letter of Marque which changed her purpose from primarily trade to that of a Privateer at the tail end of the Golden Age of Piracy.

Under Captain James Dale, who commanded her from 1756-1762, she voyaged from St. Helena in the South Atlantic to Benkulen in Sumatra far east in the Indian Ocean. She remained in the Indian Ocean for the remainder of her voyages, captained by Captain Geoffrey O’Hare between 1762-1764 on a voyage through Madras and China. Her last voyage was under Captain George Hepburn who left the Downs 10th of May 1765 only to strand her on Sogar Bank in Bengal on 13th of June 1766.

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