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Handcrafted, scratch built and ready-made scale ship model of Brier Holme

Brier Holme has been fully handcrafted with attention to the smallest details, and is one of the many wooden ship models available here at Premier Ship Models.

Built by Thomson & Son and owned by Hine Brothers, the Brier Holme sailing ship spent much of her career on trading voyages to Australia and New Zealand. Brier Holme soon became one of the best-known vessels around the world due to its speed, usually taking 80 days for an outward journey and around 90 days for the return.

Built from quality materials and precise craftsmanship, this model ship incorporates original design features. The ship model has also been painted and crafted using original ship plans and drawings.

Unfortunately one of the saddest moments of the sailing ship also includes its wreckage in 1904. One of the most outstanding vessels of her time which had won an award at the Paris Exhibition had sadly driven onto the rocks at Elliot’s Cave near Western Tasmania. The dynamite on board caused the vessel to explode, with 18 crew members on board, sailor Oscar Larsen was the only survivor.

Trading out of London for almost 30 years, this sailing ship will be remembered through a dedicated memorial tablet in St Paul’s Church dated 26th October, 1906.

This classic sailing ship model is representative of the level of quality and expertise here at Premier Ship Models. With marvellous details and superb workmanship, we bring you this popular model ship with an intriguing history.

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