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Handcrafted, scratch built and ready made scale ship model of Borobudur

Borobudur handcrafted model ship is a result of over 10 years of experience in the model making industry and constant development of new designs. This ship model is one of our Premier range models which represent our highest quality of craftsmanship. All the ship models produced in this range are manufactured using ‘plank on frame’ craftsmanship which is done by hand from scratch. In order to ensure the best possible quality, our ship models are thoroughly checked by Quality Control Manager throughout the production process.

This and other model ships from our Premier range are characteristic of the exquisite attention to the smallest details, for those who appreciate precise craftsmanship. This handcrafted piece of model ship made from scratch contains all the design features of the original vessel made for a client’s request. In addition to building this model ship, we provided our client with a complete research service on the history and design including sourcing of plans and drawings.

A Borobudur ship is an outrigger which started to appear in the 8th century in the Seas of Southeast Asia. This kind of ship was used for trading and campaigning. Borobudur at those times was an ideal vessel for these purposes because as a double outrigger, it helped the ship to be kept stable when sailing the oceans. Phillip Beale in 1982 decided to reconstruct the Borobudur from only 5 stone carvings.

Extensive research also in cooperation with qualified Indonesians ship builders and watercraft experts resulted in building the ship by Assad Abdullah al-Madani, an Indonesian traditional ship builder. The ship’s planned expedition from Indonesia to Africa took place in 2003 and the voyage demonstrated ancient trading links between Indonesia and Africa. This replica of Borobudur ship can be seen in Samudra Raksa Museum in Indonesia.

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