Boesch 710 Model Boat – PSM5432

Reference Number:

PSM5432 - PSM

This Vessel Type is Runabout


This is the largest single-engine Boesch runabout, and its key advantage is the retractable bow rudder. This offers the vessel with terrific mooring controllability, and it’s said to be one of the smoothest boats to drive. Furthermore, the sleek hull catches the eye, and this covers a V8 engine, providing the boat with a great deal of power.

This model equivalent is a terrific replica of the real-life counterpart. The hull is glossy and clean, and the smaller details such as the windshield really complete the grand aesthetic. It measures in at 39 centimetres in length, 9.5 in width and 13 in height, making it more compact than others.

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