Boeing 787 – 800 Thomson Airways Model Plane

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PSM239 - PSM

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Dimensions L x H x W 172 × 167 × 65 cm

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Boeing 787 – 800 Thomson Airways Model Plane 

Boeing 787 – 800 Thomson Airways Plane is a prominent member of the Thomson Airways fleet. 787 Dreamliner is a tastefully designed jet, which is getting increasingly sought by flyers across the globe. Packed with an unending range of features and accessories for ensuring comfort, this state-of-the-art plane highlights how the long-haul airplane experience is changing for the better.

Thomson 787 Dreamliner series of airplanes continue to get impressive ratings from passengers. By many it is regarded as the “future” of flying. In sharp contrast to the standard metal made aircrafts, Dreamliner Boeing plane has been crafted using a unique blend of different materials, called Composite. The incredibly strong composite structure and use of revolutionary engines makes Boeing 787 – 800 tougher and more aerodynamically adept along with keeping it amazingly lightweight.

Boeing 787 – 800 Thomson Airways Model Plane is bigger than most mid-sized commercial aircrafts currently operational and still it is lesser noisier and remains technologically superior. The aeroplane is not just more fuel-efficient but it also emits considerably less carbon dioxide (almost 20 per cent less carbon) than what an ordinary plane does on a long flight. This Dreamliner Boeing also has incredible ratings in terms of producing less noise when compared to standard planes making inter-continental flights.

Details of the model plane:

  • High-quality display type resin aircraft models in various scales
  • Models designed with emphasis on durability, come complete with wooden base and metal uprights
  • Created by a team of designers with incredible experience in maritime history and nautical detailing. Now expanding our portfolio with precision-grade aeroplane models
  • Handcrafted approach to ensure you get boutique plane models rather than assembly line production chain that creates cheap imitations
  • Many of our customized models are exclusive with minimal chances of ever being attempted again!
  • Extensive research complete with images shot from every possible angle helps our team of designers decode the finer details that are inherent to every famous plane

We prefer a minimum size requirement for every custom-made plane model. This ensures our designing team gets sufficient room to precisely capture every detail of the original aircraft. Please take a minute to explore our handmade models of ocean liners, trailers, ships, sailboats, and boats. Our models make for a great gifting option and are very popular as collector’s item.


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