BBC Break Bulk Model Ship – GN

Reference Number:

TK0012P - GN

This Vessel Type is Bulk Carrier


General cargo ships

In the field of maritime transport, general goods are goods that must be stowed individually. They appear on several bills of lading, each covering a different commodity. Unlike goods stowed in intermodal or bulk containers, such as oil or grain, these goods are stowed individually. General cargo vessels are often referred to as general cargo vessels. The term breakbulk derives from the expression breaking bulk – removing part of a ship’s cargo or starting the process of unloading the ship’s holds. These bulk goods are transported in bags, boxes, crates, drums or barrels. The breakbulk has been the most common form of freight for most of the history of shipping. Since the late 1960s, the volume of general cargo has declined globally due to the rise in containerisation.

The BBC Break Bulk model

As you can see from the 100 cm long model, it is equipped crane orange and it is painted blue and red. This wooden boat model was built with a remarkable level of knowledge – do, using the traditional technique of construction in planks on frame. To guarantee a high level of e quality and detail, each step of the construction process is controlled and takes several weeks. The hulls and decks are built exclusively with hardwoods. The model of the boat of the BBC Break Bulk has been sanded and varnished in addition rs coats, to create a smooth finish. Details are reproduced using leather upholstery. The team of master craftsmen uses the skills and expertise developed over many years, in order to guarantee that this model is identique to the original. The model is mounted on a solid wooden base and includes a brass plate.

The manufacturer

The maker is a small family of craftsmen, made up of a team of master craftsmen who work diligently using the skills they have developed over the course of many years. The details, precision and finish that proof the craftsmen of this family of craftsmen, inspires collectors all over the world. In First Ship Models, We are very proud of the quality of the partnerships that we establish with our suppliers. The products are quality every time you choose to order from our catalogue.

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