American Flyer Waterline Model Ship – GN

Reference Number:

TK3107P - GN

This Vessel Type is Bulk Carrier


The American Flyer Boat

Also known as the USNS Flyer, was a US Navy C2-S-B1 type freighter. It was built for the Maritime Commission (MC). This boat was called Water Witch and was subsequently purchased in 1946 by United States Lines. They renamed it American Flyer. Under the orders of the Navy, the American Flyer carried out bathymetric missions in deep water for the installation of an acoustic monitoring system. The ship was completed in 1945 and commissioned under a Maritime Commission agreement with the McCormick Steamship Company. The vessel was acquired by the US Navy as part of a permanent transfer and commissioned in 1965. The Flyer was converted for naval service as a miscellaneous auxiliary vessel, bathymetric survey vessel, to conduct surveys in deep water for the Caesar project, the unclassified cover name for the installation of the acoustic monitoring system.

The model of the American Flyer

This American Flyer mockup, which you can see in photo, is the result of extensive research and meticulous planning. Each of the American Flyer models are built by our experienced craftsmen using traditional board-to-frame construction techniques and require several hundred hours of work. The models are constructed of wood and come with protective paint and varnish. All models are ready for display and are supplied with a wooden base and brass nameplate. With a red waterline, the model will be a decorative element of elegance and beauty for any living room or office. You can also consult our catalog showcases to better protect your model from dust.

The manufacturer

At PremierShipModels, we are committed to building quality partnerships. This is why we work with suppliers. They offer a wide range of high quality model boats and ships. Model ships for sale are handcrafted and loved by discerning collectors around the world. The boat models from our suppliers’ extensive collection include different models in addition to cargo models. Their value for money allows customers to have access to a whole range of prefabricated models whatever their budgets.

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