America and Delawana Half Model (Premier Range) – PSM

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PSM038 - PSM


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Dimensions L x H x W 13 × 273 × 60 cm

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This Vessel Type is Schooner


America and Delawana Half Model Ship

The America and Delawana is among Premier Ship Models’ collection of half models. At 270 cms long, it is one of the biggest half models in the market.

The half model ship is available in our Custom Models range, which means the client can give directions for the modelling process.

Construction of Half Hulls in History: Half hulls were created by shipwrights to give a three dimensional look to their ship designs. They were hand carved and made by stacking layers of wood one on top of the other on a horizontal plane. These were called lifts. Lifts were used as a template that described the shape of waterlines and were meant to be taken apart.

In another method, called the buttock method, layers of wood were stacked together on a vertical plane. They described the vessel’s cheeks or buttocks. The half hull then went through sanding, painting and varnishing. It was then hung on a wooden plaque and a name plate was attached. Later, the half hulls were constructed around to make the full blown ship. This was called lofting.

Half hulls were originally made to help in the designing of a ship and ensuring that it would be symmetrical. Today, this method has become obsolete with technology to design on computers. However, half hull models have become increasingly popular as nautical decoration in contemporary settings. These can be used to adorn walls of receptions, offices, boardrooms and homes.

Premier Ship Models has several half hull models in all our collections. We also have a number of full rigged models of famous ships, boats and yachts. 

As part of our Custom process, we provide clients with professional photographs taken at set stages during the modelling process. At Premier Ship Models, all models are skilfully handcrafted to great precision. We package with care and our shipping service comes with an insurance cover, and our models comes with or without display cabinets.

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